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You sat at your desk facing your computer,(eye c) eyes scanning web pages for something that maybe, just maybe, might put you in a good mood.
You brush your (hair c) bangs out of your eyes and rest your face on your hand, sighing all the while.
Your day had been going great up until now. In the morning your dad made you breasfast consisting of (various foods), and in the afternoon you went to see a movie with your friend (___).
You smile to yourself, knowing you are alone, and, quietly, you mutter out loud
" if only life were really like that..."
Another sigh.
"if only life was just like in the movie-"

But before you could complete your sentence, your dad's voice, which was quite loud boomed through the house;He was yelling at the tv. He was louder than usual, due to the fact that he was drunk once again.
You hated when he was like this, and went out of your way to avoid him at all costs.
All was quiet again, but you waited a moment before you continued.
"if only somebody,or... anybody...could take me away from here..."
Choking back a cry, you pause, and curl into a ball, arms wrapped around your legs.
"But...nothing like that exists in this world. Nothing ever has. Nothing ever will..."

Your head jerks up as you are interupted by your dad once again. He and your mom have gotten into a fight. You shudder, thinking about what happened the last time they fought.
Your (eye c) orbs roam around the room as your head slowly turns around. They study the window for a moment, then move to your (coat c) jacket hanging on the hook next to your bedroom door.

Rising slowly from your chair with your (hair c) trailing behind you, you step slowly towards the jacket, as the floorboards below you will reveal to anyone downstairs that you are hiding up in your room.
Hearing a loud THUMP from downstairs, you flinch, and quickly snatch the jacket from it's hook and bolt out of your room towards the stairs. As you run down the stairs, you are alarmed by more screams coming from down the hall, and you decide to skip a few steps as you run down them, twisting your foot as you land.
"AHH!" you shriek. "dammit'"....You place a hand on your leg to cradle it.
But you ignore your pain as you hear yet another "THUMP" from your living room, and quickly limp towards your (shoes c) shoes, slip them on- not even bothering to tie the laces- and bolt out the door to the outside.

Limping down your street, you hiss as you come in contact with the wind.
"I forgot how cold it was...this jacket wont do anything for me...and i'm still wearing my pjs too..."
Another gust of wind rushes against your back and up your jacket, chilling you to the bone.
"Oh my god..." you think, "It's so cold, i have to go back...I'll freeze if i dont"
But just before you are about to turn around, another gust of wind, stronger then the last two combined, comes from behind you, and pushes you forward.
Startled and thrown off balance, you pause, but the wind continues.
"You want me to go!?" you mutter, "Fine! I'll go!..stupid wind"
But then it hits you.
"Where...Where am i going?"
You pause, fighting the wind, and look at the darkness around you.
"I can't go to someones house...They would send me back home, and Grandma and Grandpa are an hour away..."
As you look up,(eye c) eyes tearing from the wind, you remember something.
"The park...i'll go to the park! It's only down the one ever goes there at night. I'll be safe"

As you near the park you observe your surroundings.
To your left there are benches, and to your right there is an old steel jungle gym and a squeaky swing set. Your (eye c) orbs scope your surroundings.
No one.
As you breath a sigh of relief, you slowly limp towards the jungle gym, and up the slippey steps until you reach the top platform.
Sighing, you limp towards the railing, grasp it, and look up to the sky.
"I can almost see the moon tonight" you whispered to yourself.
You look down and gaze at your hands,now numb from the cold.
"Heh...the moon. The man in the moon. I wonder if.."
You pause, and look around you once more, and proceed to slowly raise your head to the

"Can.." you started. "Can...Can anyone hear me?"
For all but the sound of the tree's creaking together from the wind, there was not a sound.
"I'm such an idiot" you thought. "I can't believe i'm talking to the moon". You look up once more, and furl your eyebrows.
"As if! As if anyone would answer! As if anyone...or anything would help me...!"
You sigh. "Look...if..if anything really listening to me, can you give me a sign? Anything...?"

After a moment of silence, you are about to turn around when suddenly an abrupt, enormous gust of wind comes forth, practically knocking you over.
"Oh my god... what was that", you say as you begin to stand up.

" 'That a decent sign for you"?

You stop in your tracks, not moving a muscle. Only your breathing and heartbeat can be heard.
" someone there?

A pause.

"You can hear me?". The voice called from behind

"Of course i can hear you!" you say

"You can actually hear me!?". It was now in front of you.

Scared, and still looking down, you begin to shudder.

"Tell me who you are!" you say, still not looking up.

"You wouldnt believe me if i told you" It said with a chuckle.

"Try me" you said, perfectly still.

"Why dont you stand up?" It was closer now. "And look at me?"

You pause.

"You won't hurt me...?"

It chuckled in a sultury way, "Why would i ever hurt you?"

Blushing a crimson red, you begin to rise.

"Talking to me that way...Just who the heck do you think you-"

But before you could finish your sentence you were met with icy blue eyes, just inches from your face"

"are..." You let out a shriek and fall onto your butt.

And just as he was inches away from your face, with a single blink of your (eye c) eyes, he was on the other side of the jungle gym, crouching on a railing, a knarled staff in hand. Looking straight at you, he smirkes, and lets out a laugh.

Already crimson red from before, your face was now red due to your anger.

"What are you laughing at!?" He continues laughing.

"Your..your face! When you saw me!"

You're eyebrows curl with anger.

"Well what was i supposed to do when a stranger magically appears, POOF, out of nowhere and stares straight in my face without any warning!?"

"I gave you warning", he said as he looked at his staff, twirling it in his hand.

Scoffing, you begin to stand and reach for the railing to steady yourself.

"Warning my foot! Just what exactly to do to warn me tha-", as you began to walk, the pain in your foot once again became apparent as you fell forward, but did not hit the ground as you were steadied by two cold hands grasping your shoulders.

"I did give you a warning, or a "sign" as you put it", he said as he stared straight into your (eye c) eyes with his icy blue.

Now that he was this close to you, you could now take in his appearance.
You studied his eyes, the colour of ice, as he stared into yours. His skin was as pale as snow, and so was his hair. The blue hoodie he wore was snaked with ice, and so were his brown pants which were torn on the bottoms. As you looked down, you noticed that his feet were bare, and not red with cold as they should be.

"I sent the wind" ,he said softly, as if the loudness of his voice would startle you more than you already were.

You looked up into his face once again, no longer with anger but with confusion.

"The wind?" you whispered. "Who are you?"

He sighed, "like i said, you wouldnt believe me if i told you"

"Just tell me!" you said, taking his icy hands off your shoulders. "Who are you exactly? Why do you have white hair, and...why are you barefoot in this cold!?"

He chuckled as he looked into your eyes, jumped down from the railing and came closer so you were once again only inches apart- making you blush.

He lowered his eye lids. "You really want to know?"

You stared straight into his, "Yes! Tell me before i call the police!"

He cocked his head and smirked, twirling the stick in his hand. "Do you really want to call the police on Jack Frost?"

For a moment you were silent, before moving closer, looking angrily into his eyes.
"Jack Frost? Is this some kind of sick joke you like to play? Jack frost doesn't exist! You're just a freak!"

For a moment you thought you saw a flicker of sadness in his eyes as he looked into your (eye c) orbs, resting a hand on your right shoulder
"I am Jack Frost"

You were getting impatient with the boy.
"Alright, mr "Jack Frost", if you are really who you say you are, prove it"

He looked at you, raising an eyebrow. "The wind wasn't enough for you?"

You crossed an arm, "nope"

Jack smirked, guesturing his dead toward youur right shoulder.
"Then is the frost on your shoulder enough?"

Confused, you looked down to your shoulder where his hand lay, only to find that there was frost creeping onto your body.

Shocked, you let out a loud shriek, pushed his hand away, and backed up towards the railing, trying your best to wipe the frost off with your opposite hand, pleased when it began to melt.

Looking back up to the boy, who now had a sly smirk on his lips, you could only gaze at him with your mouth gawked open in awe.

He stepped closer with his eyelids lowered, a smile on his face, placing his cold hand on your head.
"Do you believe me now?"
You were silent, unsure of what you just witnessed. You could process what was going through your mind. He made ice.

He suddenly began to look you over, looking back and forth to the hand that was steadying your body from falling, to your slightly elevated foot.
Looking back up to your face, eyes filled with concern, he asked, "Did i hurt you?"

Keeping your wide eyes on his, you shook your head.

He looked back to your foot, quietly murmering to himself before placing two icy gold hands, one gracing the back of your thigh, the other on your back, and lifted you into his arms. Before you knew what was happening, he lowered himself and you to the ground of the platform on which you stood and sat cross legged- placing you on his lap.

Dumfounded and attempting to hide the blush that was creeping onto your face, you attempted to wriggle out of his lap, before he placed a hand on your stomach to stop you.
"Don't worry" he said, looking into your eyes. "I dont bite...always", he said with a wink and a smile.

Your face turned as red as a cherry as you heard his comment, and he chuckled.

Looking back at your foot, and back to your eyes, he asked "May i look at it?"

Your heart was beating faster than usual at this point. You had never been this close to a boy before. Before hiding your face in your jacket, you muttered a "sure.."

Noticing how embarassed and nervous you were, he chuckled, saying "Don't worry, i'll be gentle".
As he began to slip off your shoe with his icy fingers, he looked up at you with raised eyebrows.
"Someone doesn't know how to tie their laces"
You looked up from your jacket.
"Someone doesn't know how to put shoes on"

Smirking, he continued to pull off your shoe. "I don't need shoes", he said.
You rolled your eyes.

As he pulled your shoe off along with your sock, he began to raise the bottoms of your pj's, soaked from the damp of the night, and examined your swollen ankle.

You winced as his cold fingeres prodded your flesh, to which he stopped and looked up at you.
"How did this happen?" He asked.

Sighing, you told him what happened only a little while ago.

He looked into your eyes and smirked. "So thats why you ran from your house"

He must have noticed the perplexed look on your face as he smiled and explained.
"I was near your house...Not watching you, but i saw you run out limping. I wondered what had happened so i followed you"

You were silent, not knowing what to say.

He looked down at your leg once again and placed a hand, as light as a feather on your ankle.
"Oh, by the way, we werent properly introduced. What's your name?"

Blushing slightly, you looked at him and said "(f n/l n).

He smiled,"Okay (name), hold still for me, and don't move a muscle in this leg of yours."
Not waiting for you to answer, he immidietly pressed his hand down on your ankle. It made you want to cry out and you grasped his shoulder, but before the pain became too intense, blue light began to glow from his hand and your ankle was overcome with a pleasing cooling sensation, and as he moved his hand away you noticed the swelling was gone, and so was the pain in your ankle.

"Oh my god..." You uttered while placing your hand on your ankle. " really are him! You're Jack Frost!"

He laughed as he looked into your eyes with a toothy smile, "The one and only"

You could not hold back your excitement and you wrapped both arms around his neck, a laugh escaping from your mouth. He paused for a minute before cautiously placing his hands around your waist, resting his head on your neck.
"You're...welcome (name)". You could tell he was blushing by the tone in his voice.

Suddenly you felt his hands tighten around your waist, and he lifted you into a standing position.
"So (name), now that you believe who i am, 'wanna go have some fun before i have to take you home?"

"Fun? What kind of fun?"

He smirked, came closer and placed a hand on your lower back.
"This kind of fun"

Before you realized what was going on, Jack lifted you into his arms, pressing you to his chest, and soared into the sky with you.

You wrapped your arms around him as tight as you possible could.
"J-Jack!...W-What are you d-doing!?"

He giggled and did a series of loops in the air.
"We're having some fun!"

"F-F-Fun?!" you exclaimed, "H-How is this possible!?" You continued to press your head into his chest, unwilling to look below you.

He wrapped his arms around you, bringing you closer.
"I make it possible. Just open your eyes,(name)"

You were hesitant, but the soothing sound of his voice calmed you.
Slowly, you lifted your head from his chest and looked down.
It was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. Below you stretched millions of glowing lights the size of ants, and the jungle gym you were on only a few seconds ago.
You couldnt believe your eyes.
"This is amazing..."
The things you were seeing seemed unreal to you.
You rested your head upon his chest, never wanting to let go.
"You're amazing..."
Jack placed a kiss on your head.

For what seemed like an eternity, you and Jack flew upon the wind side by side. Unfortunately it all had to be taken to an end as you needed to get home before the sun rose.
You and Jack floated down to your window, and after he opened it, placed you inside your room.
"Jack that was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me..."
Jack gave out a small laugh, a small blush appearing on his face as he leaned against his staff.
Before jack could say anything, you embraced him and nuzzled into his chest. He wrapped his cold hands around your waist and snuggled into your neck.

"Please don't go Jack", you whispered.

He sighed. "I have to, (name)"

You looked up, "But i don't want you to go! I have so many questions to ask you!"

He separated from your embrace and placing one hand on your shoulder, the other on your chin- and then he kissed you.

"This won't be our last meeting"

Your face turned a crimson red from the cool, minty sensation that graced your lips.

"But...when will i see you again?" You stepped towards him.

He smirked, grasped his staff in his hand and leaped into your window sill.

"Sooner then you think"

And with that, he leaped form your window, and was gone.

You ran to your window to see his form disapear into the night sky, but all you could see was the snow falling from the sky.

You sighed.
"Sooner then you think, huh?"

~Thanks for the views guys~
~Tell me what you think and help me improve? Comment.
-Watch me for upcoming chapters :)

~Want more of Jack? Comment, tell me so.

PART 2 LINK:[link]
PART 3 LINK: [link]

I watched Rise of the Guardians yesterday, and i loved it!

And yes...i'm fangirling over Jack. He's just so damn sexy.

Anyways this is my first time doing this kind of thing. I hope i did okay.
.....I hopei captured Jacks personality

.....I hope i pleased the jack fangirls XD

So if you would be so kind to leave a comment, that would be great. I would really appreciate it if someone would give me advice on how to make this better as well.


Oh, and did i mention i'm not done it yet? Nope.
If people like it i'll do a second one :)

~Thanks so much for all the faves and comments everyone. This really means alot to me :').
I've had such a crappy day...seeing the response i have gotten really put me in a better mood.
Once again...thankyou, and please keep leaving comments. I love reading them :)
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