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This is the continuation of my first chapter, "The Night Meeting". To understand this, please read the first one :)
You opened your eyes to find you are in your bedroom.
Sitting up, your (eye c) eyes scan your surroundings.
Your room is iluminated my the moon, casting shadows against every wall.
You look over to your clock, which sat on the dresser opposite your bed.


Sighing, you slowly swing your legs off the side of your bed,begin to stand,and walk over to your window.
Placing your hands on the window sill, you look up to the moon.

"Sooner than you think, huh Jack...?"
It had been one week.

One week without Jack making an appearance.
One week of being confined at home for "running away"
Throughout the week you were at battle with yourself.
Were the things you experienced with the winter spirit only days ago a figment of your imagination?
A dream?
These things certainly crossed your mind. In fact, they ceased to leave it.
"What i saw...It couldn't have been my imagination", you thought.

Your voice lowered to a whisper.
"No...It was real"

You turn around and begin to quietly pace in your room, being careful not to wake your parents.
" was all too real" You whispered.
"The wind was so strong, and Jack..."
"He..he healed me! With ice!"
"And not..not just that...He flew...on the wind..."
You paused.

"And he..."
The floorboards creaked silently under you.
Your voice is barely audible.

"He kissed me..."
Your face burned red as the sentence rolled off your tongue.

You raised your hand, and placed your fingertips on your lips.
Ever since then, the cold feeling, the feeling of his lips,lingered on yours.

But your moment of day dreaming came to an end when you remembered how long it had been since you had seen him.
How long he made you wait.

You bit your lip, and began to pace faster.
"Sooner than you think", you muttered.
"That's what he said..."
You furled your eyebrows and stomped over to your window, disregarding your sleeping parents.

Placing a both hand on the window sill,you looked up to the sky once again.
"Well where are you Jack!?". Your voice was strained, as you tried to keep quiet.
"You said you would come back!"
You waited a moment, half expecting some sort of reply to reach you.


"You helped me before...You took me away from here..."
Tears stung your eyes and your voice began to crack.
"So why can't you take me away again, and help me Jack!?"

Your hand clenched, and you struck the window- holding it there as your head sank down into your arms, (hair c) hair hiding your tear stained face.
"Please! Just...just take me away from here...please Jack...Save me..."

Your body shook,quiet sobs filling the room.
But something strange happened.
Something cold touched your bare shoulder. And then on your back. And then your arm.
Confused, you lifted your head and looked around the room.

All around you,crystal-like snowflakes were coming from thin air, lightly fluttering around your room.
You stood up straight, hand remaining on the window.
Your (eye c) orbs darted around the room.
Your breath could be seen, and the temperature had dropped. You wrapped an arm around you.
"Snow...?" You muttered.
"Is, is this a dream?" Your eyes squinted in thought.
Suddenly, your hand, which still remained on the window, became very cold. Abnormally cold.

Turning around to the window, you looked at your hand placed on the glass.

Frost had formed around it, and, on the other side of it, was a pale hand.
Your eyes widened, and your eyes followed the arm attatched to the hand, only to meet two eyes the color of ice- peering back at you from the other side of the glass.
Your breathing became rapid and shaky.

You stepped back, your hand dropping to your side.
A smile worked it's way across your face as you recognized the visitor.

"Jack!" You exclaimed.
"It is you!"
He smiled, and cocked his head up and to the right. Signaling for you to unlock the window.
Nodding your head, you reached up, unlocked the window, and proceeded to slide it open as quietly as you could.

You stepped back from the window to allow him in, wrapping both arms around you to keep warm. The temperature continued to drop.
Once in, he leaned against his staff and gave you a smirk.

"Hey you"
You could not believe it. The spirit of winter was in your room once again.
You were speechless.

He looked at you and gave a teasing frown.
"Not much of a talker are you?".
He lowered his eyes.
"Or maybe my presence is just so awesome that you're speechless?".

You frowned.
"No, it's just that it's not every day i get a visit from Jack Frost himself. Y'know, my window frosting over, snow falling in my room..."

He chuckled, twirling his staff in his hand.
You crossed your arms.

"Especially after he claims that he will visit me soon, and leaves me alone for a week. Trapped in this house with my drunk of a father".

He ceased twirling his cane, and a look of sadness appeared on his face.
"Look, i....i know i said i would come sooner, i know. And i did but-"

You stepped closer, balling your fists, and looked straight into his icy eyes.
"Liar. You didn't come! I waited for you!"
He signed, narrowing his eyes.

"But i did come. I came every night, but you were asleep"

"You couldn't have woken me!?" Your eyebrows furrowed in anger.

"I couldn't get in. Your window was always locked. And even if i could, i would have scared you if i just...Appeared in your room out of no-where".

You signed, looking down at your crossed arms,(hair c) hair falling over your shoulders.
"Okay... Then why tonight of all nights?"

He stepped closer so that there were now only inches between you both.
"Because" he said, moving the strands of hair from your face. He made his way down to your chin, raising it so your (eye c) eyes met his.

"You were awake- you called for me." He paused, and lowered his eye lids.

"We can be alone".

Your face turned crimson as his face came close to yours, but his lips did not meet yours.
Instead they landed on your cheek.

He must have noticed the disappointment on your face, as he let out a laugh.

His hands left your face and snaked down to your hips,placing both hands on your sides.
"So", he pushed you down onto your bed, face inches apart from yours.

"I hear you have some questions for me?"

Your face was as red as a tomato, and his breath felt like ice on your hot skin.

You began to stutter. A boy has never touched you like this before.
"U-u-uh, y-yes.Q-Questions..."

His hands left your hips, he walked to your desk,taking a seat on it. He placed his staff against the wall.
"Go on then", he crossed one leg over the other.

You straightened yourself, and crossed your legs on your bed.
Pulling a strand of hair out of your face, you look over to him.

"How did you do all of...That?"

He frowned, and stepped off the desk and onto the floor.
"Right after i got comfortable, huh?", he grabbed his staff and walked over to you.
Nudging you to move over, he sat on the bed next to you and draped the staff over both of your legs.

"See this staff? It enables me to harness my powers. My powers over the weather"

You nod.
"And...whats your age?"

He scratches the back of his head as he looks at you- letting out a light chuckle.
"Physically i'm 18. But i have actually been around for about 300 years."

Your eyes widen in amazement. He looked so young.

"And why are you...Here?" you mutter.

"Why i'm here? I'm a guardian of children. I protect them"

You nod, and raise an eyebrow.
"What i mean is, why are you here with me?"

He makes a teasing face as he gives you a toothy smile.
"Well, you did call for me-"


He let out a small chuckle as he gave you a smirk.
"I'm here with you....or,I came to you at first because you asked for help that night in the park. I stayed with you because you could hear and see me. People your age usually don't."

You let out a shaky sigh
"Jack, that's so.."

He sighs as he looks down at his staff.
"In truth (your n), you're the first girl that's close to my....You're the first girl i've talked to in 300 years that's close to my physical age"

He pauses

"I've been so lonely..."

A saddened sigh escapes you, but as you begin to realize something, your face becomes a crimson red.
"So i was your first..."

He laughs, and gives you a playful smirk as he looks at you- his eyes shine in the moon light.

"You were my first kiss"

You look away from his face, and instead look towards your lap. Your (hair c) hair hiding your face.

"Well..." You start, "You were my first kiss too..."

After a moment of silence, you look up and realize Jack is also looking down into his lap, hiding his face. His body shuddering lightly.
You sigh, move towards him, and place both your arms around his shoulders, embracing him.

"You don't have to be alone anymore, Jack", you say.

As you bury your head in his neck, he does the same to you.

"Neither do you, (your n)."
Part 1: [link]
Part 3:[link]

I'm so mean to you guys XD

Okay i PROMISE lots of smexy romance in the next one.
This one just didn't have the room for it.

I know there are mistakes, but i'll fix them tomorrow. I'm going to bed >.<

Thanks for all the comments guys!

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!
Please watch me for updates on the next chapter<3

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