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This is the third part of my Jack x Reader story, to understand this, please read the first two :) Links are provided in the description


You and Jack pause, locked in your embrace.

Footsteps began to come closer


The voice echoed from across the hall.

Jack looked up, arms dropping from yours

"Is that...your mom?"

"(First-name)? Who are you talking to?"

You quickly raise your head and turn it towards the door frame, which was now outlined by the hall way light on the other side.

Your heart began to beat as fast as a drum when you heard your mothers voice coming closer.

You look down to your lap, and raise a finger to your lips, biting it.

Your voice lowered to a whisper.

"How did she-..."

Jack stood up from the bed and brushed his eyes with his sleeve. His eyes were still moist from tears.

"Whats the big deal?"

Your eyebrows furrow in frustration as you looked up at the boy. You struggled to keep your voice low.

"The big deal!? If she comes in here and see's yo-"

"(First-name), talk to me!"

The footsteps came closer

"Oh crap...!"
You grabbed the sleeve of his sweater and began to pull him in random directions.

" have to hide!", you whispered.

He looked down at you, chuckling at the fuss you were making. He placed a cold hand on your waist.

"(name), she can't se-"

"I said answer me, (First-name)!"

You jumped, and pulled on his sweater with greater force. the footsteps were coming closer.


You pulled him over to your closet, but hesitated when you remembered the door was broken- hanging wide open with it's disorganized contents displayed.
Hesitating for a moment, you pulled him over to your bed and pushed him down as quietly as you could.

You climbed in with him.

A small blush was noticeable on the boys face as your body neared his.
He raised his torso from the mattress, looking at you with confused orbs.

"(name)! What are you do-"

You placed a hand on his chest and pushed him back down- keeping the hand on his chest.
You brought his face closer to his so much so,your noses were just touching.

"SHH!" You whispered, gripping his frost covered sweater.

"If she finds you in here she'll-"

The door-knob began to turn.

Your heart began to race.

In a panic, you threw the blankets over Jack's body, leaving his face.

"And don't move!", you shoved a mess of blankets into his face, only to be met by a muffled cry of protest.

You settled down beside him and pulled the blankets up to your chin just as soon as the door opened- revealing the silouette of your mom.

"(name)! Why didn't you answer me when i called you?" She stepped forward, crossing an arm over her robe, keeping it closed.

"Really-" She stopped in her tracks and surveyed the room, wrapping both arms around her.

"Oh my gosh! Why is it so cold in here!?"

You shuddered, how could you explain this?

You felt a nudge and heard a muffle from under the blankets, which was met by you giving it a elbow to the side.

"O-oh, uh, well...", you stuttered, sitting up from the blankets, but being cautious that enough were hiding Jack's body.

Your mothers gaze locked on to something at the back of your room by your bed.

She walked over to it, the floorboards creaking under her.

"Really (name), You left the window open!? Do you know what time of year it is!? Jack Frost himself wouldn't be caught outside in this weather!"

"Well maybe that's why he's in here then...", you thought to yourself.

She placed her hands on the glass and closet it, making sure it was locked. Then she gazed out the window for a moment, surveying the street below you, before turning her body towards you.

"So" she began, crossing her arms "Why was this window open anyways?",

You began to stutter when you tried explain your reason for keeping the window open to your mother.
"O-oh, well uh, i saw-heard something outside, and i, um, opened the window up so i could see if i could catch- see, what was out there. It was nothing really, just a,um, cat."

As she stepped closer towards your bed, you moved to the side, pressing against Jack- which in turn produced a muffled, "mmf!"

"Shh!" , you quietly whispered, hoping your mother would not hear you.

"Did you just shush me?", she asked, looking down at you.

"What? N-no, i just, uhm, i was about to sneeze! That's all!", you said with a nervous smile.

She sighed, stepped forward, and sat on the side of your bed- which made you move further to the side, pushing jack further against the wall.

Another cry of protest was heard, but you silenced it with a swift strike with your elbow.

"So" she began, "The reason i came in here was because i heard you talking to someone."

A bead of sweat began to form on your temple. What if your mom found out you had a boy in your room. And not just in your room, but in your bed.

"Oh, uhm...well, i uh, i was on my ehm, my phone! My phone, and i got a call from um, my friend (friend name). You know (friend name), right? I went to her party a few months ago. Well she called because she- w-wanted to see if she missed any notes in history class while she was gone. So i told her that we had to study for a, um, a quiz next week! But because i was whispering she had a,a,a difficult time hearing me so i had to repeat it to her a second time...And i guess that's when you heard me"

Your mother wore a concerned expression on her face, and she leaned forward, holding a
hand to your forehead to check your temperature,

"You have been acting strange lately, dear. Is something wrong?"

You put on a small, fake smile, and gently removed her hand from your forehead.

"I'm fine, mom. Really. I've just had a lot of assignments due at school and um, i'm just trying to catch up with them. I'm just tired, but i'm fine."

She sighed, stood up from the bed, and kissed you on the head.

"Well as long as you're all right, dear. I'll be heading off to bed now. Your father and i have to get up early tomorrow so no more talking on the phone. If your friend calls just tel her you'll talk to her another time", she said as she walked over to the doorway.

Relief flooded over you as you leaned back onto your bed, pulling the covers up to your nose.

"Okay. G'night mom, i love you", you say

She turned around, clutching the door, and gave a smile smile.

"Night hun, i love you too"

With that, she turned around and closed the door with a creak, eliminating the hallway light that flooded into your room, leaving the moon light.

Sighing with relief, you raise your body slightly and turn around, only to be met with two piercing blue eyes staring up at you from your chest.

A crimson blush spread across your features, and you moved back, distancing yourself from him.

"Jack!", you exclaimed, raising your torso from the bed.

You made sure your voice was quieter than before.

"What are you doing!?"

A noticeable blush graced Jacks face, and he raised his body to a sitting position.

"I-t's not what you think, (name)"

Your eyebrows furrowed in anger as you looked into his eyes

"Then what were you doing so close to my-" your voice broke off, your blush became more noticeable.

"You shoved me under the blankets! And you didn't exactly give me a lot of room you know! When you're mom came in you moved towards me and i was really squished... "

He paused, scratching the back of his head.

"I wasn't doing anything wrong until you turned towards me a second ago."

You huffed a sigh of frustration, but your features softened as you relaxed.

You were about to open your mouth to speak, but you were interupted by Jack.

"Oh, and, i didn't have to hide in the first place you know"

He brought a leg up to his chest and leaned back against the wall.

"That's what i was trying to tell you before you so graciously smothered me with these blankets".

You cocked your head at him, and studied his face.

"Wait, what?"

He playfully smirked, and wrapped his arms around his leg as he looked towards you.

"Your mom. She wouldn't have been able to see me"

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion at him, and you moved to a sitting position, crossing your legs.

"Wouldn't have been able to see you? Why?", you asked.

He chuckled and gave a toothless smile.

" Because she doesn't believe in me. Only people who believe in my existence can see me. You believe in me, therefore you can see me", he said.

His eyes widened slightly for a moment, and he raised his back from the wall.

"Which brings me to another point"

He leaned closer to you, furrowing his eyebrows just slightly.

"Why do you believe in me, (name)? Not many people your age can"

You thought for a moment and pulled your knees against your chest.

"Well", you began. "I've always believed in magic, and things that couldn't be explained. Life can become so boring and, well, dull"

You paused a moment before continuing, brushing a few loose hairs from your face. You looked down to your feet, which were turning pink from the cold.

"Believing in magic, for me, makes life a little brighter and lively... I've told a few people this before, but...They all think i'm weird. They call me a child".

You looked back up and found Jacks eyes staring back into your green orbs.

His face was emotionless.

Your eyes narrowed, and your features become cross as you looked at him.

"What?" you said, anger evident in your voice. "What? So you think i'm a child too now Jack?!"

He blinked, and furrowed his eyebrows.

"What? No, (name)-"

You moved your face towards him, balling your fists.

"Just say it, Jack!"


The tears in your eyes became evident as you moved closer towards his face.

"You think i'm a child! Just say it!"

Jack narrowed his eyes and sighed as he looked at you

"What i was trying to say was....Well, actually i was just taking in what you said- about believing in magic.  This may sound a bit...strange, but i'm still getting used to talking with someone my age. Like i said, most people your age don't believe in magic. Only children do..."

Anger spread over your face once again, and Jack quickly picked up where he left off.

"And that's what makes you different. That's what makes you so special to m-"

His eyes widened, and a blush crept onto his face as he looked down to his feet which lay on the bed.

You sighed and relaxed your body as you tried to absorb what he had just said. The tears that welled up in your eyes slowly slid down your cheek and onto the sheets.

Jack felt something warm and wet hit his bare foot, and he looked up to find that the source of it was from your moist eyes.

Giving a soft smile, he sighed, leaning forward to bring his face towards yours. Slowly, he placed a hand on your cheek and wiped away a tear with his thumb.

A blush crept onto your face as he looked into your (eye c) orbs. A small smile graced your lips as you lowered your eyes.

Jack continued to look into your eyes for a moment, and then his eyes began to wander about your features.

His eyes went over your eye lashes, moist with tears, your cheeks and nose- which were flushed pink, and then your soft, pink lips.

His eyelids narrowed as his eyes came down to your neck, and then your shoulders. His faced reddened when he noticed the strap of your tank top as hanging off your shoulder- exposing more of your skin.

Sheepishly, he quickly pulled the strap over your shoulder- leaving goosebumps. His eyes began to lower to your chest, which was quite noticeable in your tight-fitting garment. He quickly looked up again, to take in your figure as a whole.

You had a strange, luminous beauty about you with the moonlight illuminating your body- making your charms more noticeable.

You surveyed his face with gleaming, questioning eyes, and winced a little when you noticed his face was coming closer to yours.

He placed a hand on your cheek and brought your face closer to his.
As your faces were coming closer, you noticed a deep blush creeping over his features.

As his eyes looked down to your lips, he felt his face heating up.

You were about to open your mouth to say something, but you were silenced by the sight of Jack parting his lips, and the pressure of his crashing softly upon yours.

The kiss was soft and sweet at first, but it soon became firey and passionate.

His hand, which was once on your cheek, moved to the back of your head where he grasped your hair in his icy fingers.

"So soft..."  he thought to himself as he began to play with it. He began to kiss you more.

You were alarmed with Jack's motions at first, but you soon became entranced with them. Slowly, you closed your eyes and pressed your lips onto his.

You felt him gently grasping and pulling your hair as he tilted your head, deepening the kiss. Your hands, which were resting on your legs, snaked up his chest and landed on his shoulders where you draped your arms over his neck.

You felt a smile curl onto his lips as he moved his other hand down to your waist, where he quickly pulled your body to a kneeling position- meeting his. Eliminating the remaining space between your bodies.

A slight whimper escaped your mouth as he did so. The coolness of his body startled you, and small goosebumps began appearing.

The feeling of your warm body against his was new for Jack. He had been close to you before, but not like this.

Grasping your waist, he found a bare patch of uncovered skin. Hesitantly, he placed his fingers on it, pleased when they warmed his icy finger tips.

Entranced by the warmth of your skin, he placed his hand under your shirt and grasped your side. His other hand,which was grasping your hair, slid down your body and met your hips.

He hesitantly put his other hand under your shirt, and moved upwards, making patterns with his fingers as he went- leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake.

He explored your abdomen with sheepish curiosity, lightly caressing your skin.

You felt a moan vibrate against your lips and you opened your eyes a moment to see Jack's eyebrows furrowed. His face was burning with passion. You closed your eyes once again, and tightened the embrace.

"She's not afraid"  he thought. He pulled you closer to him, another moan escaping his lips. He moved away from your lips and rested his head on your neck. Leaving small, chilly kisses as he went.

"I've never felt this way before... She's so warm and soft. It feels like there are hundreds of birds in my stomach trying to escape...."

As he moved up your abdomen, he felt your skin getting softer the higher he went, and he felt you wince a little.

For a brief moment his fingertips caressed your chest before he quickly moved his hand away. His heart beat quickened and his breathing became faster.

"No...Why did i just? i can't. She's..."  

"mmm...Jack" a moan escaped your mouth. You felt a desire in that you had never before experienced with a boy.

He gasped, and widened his eyes.

"Did she just say my name? Why would she..."


"Again! Why would she say my...Or else...What if she..."

He paused a moment, gently grasping your sides. His head remained nestled in your neck.

"No...I...I can't...Not with her...But this feeling i have...I don't want to stop. I don't want this to end..."

Another moan escaped your mouth, which made Jacks heart race so hard he thought it might burst out of his chest.

His hands tightened around your waist, and he began to kiss your neck passionately. Your voice was like music to his ears.


He paused, un-moving.


"That voice" , he thought. His blue orbs looked around the room. That was not your voice.

"Jack, you can not do this"

Jack gasped, eyes widening. His hands fell from your body as he looked around the room.

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as you looked at the boy.

"Jack, is something wrong?", you said, reaching a hand out to his arm.

He moved off the bed, placing a foot on the ground.  Motioning you to be quiet,he squinted and listened.

You moved towards him, but did not leave the bed.


"Shhh!", he said.

You leaned back onto the bed.

"I just don't understand what you're doin-"

He sighed, and continued to look around the room.

"I just heard something" he said.

You leaned forward, fear evident on your face.

"Wait, what..."

"You know who i am, Jack"

He gasped, and jumped off the bed, looking out the window.

"Wait...Are you...? No way..."

You got off the bed and stepped towards Jack, placing a hand on his icy shoulder.

"Jack" fear was evident in your voice. "Say something to me"

His shoulders relaxed and he turned around, a small but nervous smile on his lips.

"It's okay, i um, i just, i have to go for a little while"

You stepped closer to him, concern flooding over your face.

"Have to go? But why? Did i do something wrong?"

He sighed, and stepped towards you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders.

"No, no, you didn't do anything. I just have something. I'll be back though. Don't you worry." He gave you a smile as he looked into your (eye c) orbs.

You looked up at him, sadness in your voice.

"Jack, what's going on?", you said, furrowing your eye brows.

He frowned, and raised a hand to brush a few strands of hair out of your face.

"I can't tell you right now, but..."

In one swift motion, he picked you up and placed you on your bed, pulling the covers onto your body.

"I'll be back soon,okay?"

You reached out an arm and grasped his sleeve, pulling him closer.

"Promise? Promise me you'll be back?"

He smirked and leaned down towards you, giving you a small, minty kiss on the lips.

Looking into your eyes, he rested his forehead against yours. Wisps of icy hair landed in your eyes.

"I promise"

And with that, he grasped his staff in his hands, and walked over to the window.
Slowly, he unlocked the window and slid it open as quietly as he could.

Leaping onto the window sill, he looked over to you and gave you a smile before leaping out.

With one swift gust of icy wind, he was gone.
Thanks for reading! Please comment. Part 4 coming soon!

Thanks for all the support guys!
Part 1: [link]
Part 2:[link]
Part 4:[link]
Here ya go guys!

Sorry for the wait, but if you read my journal you will know why it was so late -_-
But here it is!

Thanks for waiting guys. Seriously. Thanks.

As promised i put a lot of smexy romance in there for y'all.

I hope i stayed in Jack's character for this one. It was difficult to write.

Anyways, comment! Tell me what you think!

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